AccessNow Hub

Welcome to the PeaceHealth AccessNow Hub. Below are links to some of the most commonly used access related resources. You can click the Sign In link above to access protected resources.



New Caregivers are now being created using AccessNow as of 1/10/2023.

    My Access

    Request / Modify Access
    Only available on the PeaceHealth Network.

    Submit change requests to modify current access and monitor status of pending requests.

    Self-Service Recovery Portal

    Recover your username, reset your password, or unlock your account.

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Portal

    Protect your account by enrolling in and manage your additional methods of authentication which may include receiving a verification code via text message or email, or a notification from a mobile app.

    Manage Identities

    Manager / Responsible Users

    Partner Portal for User Assignment Management

    For Whom: Community healthcare facilities and their responsible users (must have existing agreements to use PeaceHealth Systems)

    For What: Manage access and assignments for your staff

    Third-Party User Management Portal (PeaceHealth Managers & Coordinators)
    Only available on the PeaceHealth Network.

    For Whom: PeaceHealth Managers (or above), Contracted Supervisors, and their Delegates

    For What: Request, manage, or end assignments for your third-party direct report (e.g., contractor, traveler, intern, student, vendor, volunteer, etc.)

    Student User Coordination

    For Whom: Student Coordinators who manage student users on behalf of an educational facility

    For What: Request student assignments via bulkload import using the link below

    My Remote Access

    Web Mail

    Access your PeaceHealth email.

    Application Portal

    Use the Citrix Application Gateway (CAG) to view and start applications you have remote access to.

    PeaceHealth Link

    Community Partners may access this portal to securely access select patient information to aid in providing continuity of care to shared patients.

    Security Notice

    This is a private enterprise computer system limited to business use. Access to and use of this system requires explicit and current authorization. All users expressly consent to monitoring by system personnel to detect improper access or use. If such monitoring reveals possible criminal activity or improper access or use, system personnel may provide evidence of such conduct to law enforcement officials and/or company management.